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Come trip with us

Our team at Deep Dive India has crafted a variety of travel experiences catering to both locals and foreigners. We strive to uncover the lesser-known perspectives, stories, and historical events to foster a deeper understanding of a region's language, food, music, art, and culture

What we offer

Heritage walks, geological treks and nature retreats

Journeys through the Kumaon Himalayas

Explore Himalayan nature and local life with customizable trip itineraries. From family wildlife weekends to solo mountain village stays.

Historical  tales of Bundelkhand

Discover lesser-known stories and secrets of Bundelkhand with guided tours that take you through historical landmarks and significant sites.

Heritage walks of Awadh

Travel back in time to the forgotten legends, mysterious stories, and intriguing myths that define Awadh. Book walks with us when in Awadh.

Talk to us to customize your experience based on what captures your imagination.

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