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Kumaon & beyond 

Exploring Uttarakhand

We specialize in crafting bespoke trips across the Uttarakhand Himalayas, for individual travellers, and for families. Over the past three decades, we have evolved a deep network of local experts and a wide variety of experiences, from the foothills to the upper Himalayas.

Cultural excursions, geological treks, mountain biking trails, birding and wildlife trips or simple jungle camping & adventure holidays at one of our eco camps / lodges.

Experience unseen beauty

Geological Trek

On a Geo Trail, we visit a Himalayan geological hotspot with an expert Geologist. Darma valley, which is in the Greater Himalaya and Tethyan Himalaya behind the Panchachuli range on the eastern border of Kumaon, is a region where geological processes are visible and tangible allowing travellers to experience and understand new developments in Earth science. (specially related to the origin of the Himalayas).On this trek, apart from the 'hard rock' geology,  we will observe a variety of glacial features and deposits, formed over the past millennia, as the Panchachuli and other smaller glaciers in this region grew and retreated in tune with oscillating climate.

The expert

Suvrat Kher is a sedimentary geologist. He did his PhD from Florida State University in the United States, specializing in limestones and sedimentary basin evolution. He also has work experience in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing. He resides in Pune, Maharashtra, and divides his time between consulting in geology and coaching football and rugby. Over the past 10 years he has pursued geology outreach via his popular science blog Rapid Uplift ( His Twitter handle is @rapiduplift.

How much will it cost?

Approx. INR 40,000/per person for 7 days. Discounts are available for small groups and students

What will the price include? 

  • The program follows a specific itinerary for seamless facilitation.

  • Hikes are designed with moderate trails that involve 2-3 hours of walking over gradual slopes.

  • Subject matter experts and educational material are provided.

  • Road transport is included from the railhead (Kathgodam).

  • Accommodation options include alpine tents or guest houses.

  • All meals are provided during the program.

  • Instructors and safety equipment are available.

  • Sleeping bags, rucksacks, and mattresses are available upon request.

Bespoke Treks 

We facilitate bespoke treks for small groups in Kumaon and Garhwal area. A minimum of 4 - 6 participants are required. Alternatively, you may join a fixed departure trek. These are organized at regular intervals. Drop us a message to get added to the mailing list.

Season: April-November

Is this for you?

Our trips are for individuals of all ages, fitness levels and interests. Flexible itineraries, designed to make the Himalayas accessible to anyone with a love for nature.

Customised Holidays

Option 1 – Stay and Explore: Enjoy the comfort of mountain lodges, eco-resorts, or campsites. With the guidance of our experts, discover the natural surroundings at your own pace. Travel in jeeps, hike to forest clearings for day picnics, visit quaint villages, try kayaking or fishing, and immerse yourself in nature with birding trails. 

Option 2 – Full ‘Pahadi’ Experience: Embark on a journey through the hills, hiking, driving, or cycling from one village to another. Each night offers a unique stay – be it in private cottages, village homestays, forest guesthouses, or alpine trekking tents. 

Both options ensure a rich, immersive experience in the heart of nature, tailored to your preferences and pace.


Bespoke holidays

Where would you like to travel in Himalayas?

Lower Himalayas

Middle Himalayas

Upper Himalayas

Himalayan exploration

All the trips mentioned below are customizable and can include other places and activities surrounding the area.

Corbett Foothills and the Kumaon Lake District

Elevation: 1000 ft to 3500 ft

Season: October-June

We work closely with wildlife experts born in the Corbett villages to create some of the most intense wildlife and jungle experiences possible in Corbett. 

Highlights: Wildlife & birding trails, day hikes and riverside picnics, stay in machaans, camping, village visits. Our base in Corbett is a small village in the Kotabag valley on the slopes of the Himalayan foothills. The camp is surrounded by dense Oak forest and overlooks the vast Corbett landscape forest spread out below.

Saat-tal lake district: Situated a safe distance from Nainital (22km), Saat-tal is an ideal all season adventure camp. The seven lakes are not too frequented by tourists and offer undisturbed hours in clean water bodies fringed by dense Oak and conifer forest. It is also one of the best locations for birding and butterfly studies.


Highlights: Kayaking, swimming, fishing, short hikes, camping & adventure.

Middle Himalayas

Elevation: 4000ft to 8500ft

Season: March-June & October-November


Mukteshwar is one of the highest Central Himalayan ridge. It commands spectacular views of the snow covered peaks. The prominent peaks visible from here are Nandadevi, Trishul and Panchchuli amongst others.


A variety of stay options are available, from old mountain lodges to eco camps located in the midst of an apple orchard.


Highlights: Rock climbing, day hikes, village visits, birding trails, day picnics.

Upper Himalayas

Munsiyari Area

Season: October-June


We have two sites in the region. Shama and Ramganga. A Mountain camp perched on a high table top about 50 kms ahead of Bageshwar town. The site offers spectacular close-up views of the Himalaya above the Ramganga valley. Here you are in the heart of the Central Himalayan wilderness surrounded by the biggest Indian peaks – Nanda Devi (7848 m), Nanda Kot (6861m), Trishul (7120 m).


The riverside camp is located on a private beach in the fisherman's village. It is approx 30 kms. before Munsiyari. Apart from water sports like Kayaking, swimming and fishing offers various mountain cycling and trekking routes.


These options require at least a week or more.

Local, authentic & unique experiences for all

We also offer bespoke 2-3 day itineraries for small groups upon request.

Sample Itineraries

Explore our sample itineraries to discover activities that align with your interests. 


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The Answers You Need

Depends on the locale. We operate trips at all altitudes in the Kumaon Himalayas from the foothills to the Upper reaches. In summers, choose higher locations like Mukteshwar, or Ramganaga or Shaama and in winters visit the lower ranges around Corbett and the lake districts.

What is the best season to plan?

Yes. Age is not bar for most of our trips and programmes. The focus is more on the experience and not on physical challenges. We advise speaking to us to figure out the trip best suited to you.

I am a retired person. Can I come for this trip?

All our properties are pet friendly. However for treks, we suggest otherwise, as the trail may pass through villages where local dogs may display territorial behaviours.

Can I bring my pet?

For the stay and explore options, there is no minimum group size. For mountain biking and trekking programmes, 3 – 5 people is recommended.

What is the group size for this?

Our record speaks for itself. We have been facilitating trips in the mountain outdoors since 1993, without a single incident. We are nevertheless prepared for all eventualities – all our facilitators are trained in basic first aid and CPR procedures, first aid kits are carried at all times, back up jeeps and 24X 7 access to a qualified doctor.

Are the trips safe?

The divers that we engage have are screened through the community run process and have mostly been with us for decades. The personnel are regularly taken through refresher sessions, operate within set speed limits.


The trails are safer, primarily because we are the locals and have deep connects with village communities where we operate. The facilitators know their forest well.

Are the roads and trails safe?

Our journeys are designed with a single purpose in mind - To provide travelers with an unhindered access to the Himalayas and its people.

The experiences are planned to keep you at a safe distance from the famed hill stations, and  from other ‘tourists’. Instead, we prefer to hang around hidden mountain villages, ride bicycles in pristine natural forests to observe wildlife, swim in secret crystal lakes, explore the magical valleys on foot and enjoy our cup of tea, as we watch the breath-taking mountain ranges at leisure.

What are the experiences about?

Talk to us and plan your trip

Our mountain team, consisting of local village experts, offers a deeply personal journey. Their rich knowledge of the forest and mountain life ensures a unique adventure. Our skilled outdoor and wildlife experts, alongside specialized kitchen staff, provide a seamless experience, connecting you intimately with the local culture and traditions.

What awaits you

on a Deep Dive

Experience in


Breath-taking wilderness

Experts to interpret the landscape and culture.

Close interaction with the locals

Cosy comfort of traditional houses

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