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Old map of Lucknow designed in the form of a collage with old and new images of the city

Meet your storytellers & 

fellow learners

Deep Dive India was established with the goal of creating immersive learning experiences that ignite and nurture curiosity. The founders, alumni of IITK and IIM, are seasoned management educators with extensive experience in non-formal education.

Deep Dive India was formed in 2017 to create immersive travel experiences around History and Geology. The experiences are aimed at igniting and nurturing curiosity ! The idea is to delve deep into a topic of interest, in the happy company of experts and co-learners.

About us

We are convinced that the true value of a journey unfolds through discovering origin stories, indigenous folklore, and the many tales woven into the land.

The Team

The Deep Dive India team, at its core, consists of passionate travelers with a deep love for India and its people. Boasting decades of collective experience, we leverage our knowledge and expertise in designing programs, selecting the ideal experts as instructors, and ensuring that each experience lives up to its promise.

The Experts

Our team includes management professionals, subject matter specialists, and evolved travelers who dream up and shape these Deep Dive Experiences. The specialists we select possess two essential qualities: profound knowledge and the ability to impart that knowledge effectively. Their expertise stems either from in-depth academic study (akin to Ph.D. level) or hands-on, field-based experience. This includes geologists, archaeologists, historians, and experts in specific eras of architecture and culture.

Local Communities

We also collaborate closely with local communities to co-design these interventions, ensuring they are deeply integrated into the regions we explore. For instance, we work with a group of fearless women trained to handle logistics in the wilds of Bundelkhand, or tribal shepherd communities who lead treks in the Himalayan wilderness.

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